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About US

About Aligned Real Estate Partners

Every seasoned investor knows that it’s challenging to successfully invest in real estate while also maintaining full-time employment elsewhere…. there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to properly do both. You would need to be available, adaptable, ready to make deals ‘round the clock and prepared to seize upon once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to prosper.

Launched in hopes of helping busy professionals effortlessly earn passive income to assist with achieving financial freedom, Aligned Real Estate is an investment firm which provides access to vetted commercial real estate. Managed by a group of expert real estate investors passionately devoted to their craft, our company supports busy investors looking to create passive income without having to handle routine matters of the business.

No need to take time away from your day job… we invite everyday investors to reap the financial benefits of real estate investments without enduring the inevitable headaches and hassles of finding deals, signing on debt, managing tenants, and more. Though determined to yield maximum returns, we are cautious, strategic, and methodical in all investment decisions. Our team is skilled, experienced, and fully committed to protecting our investor’s capital – our rigorous screening process disqualifies over 99% of the deals we are sent (literally)!

Axel Ragnarsson

CEO, Aligned Real Estate Partners

“I started my company and began purchasing real estate while in college, however, after a couple of years, I hit a plateau in the business and eventually needed to find a job. Just 4 days into my new job, I received a phone call from a seller who wanted to sell his property but couldn’t answer it because I was at my day job – by the time I got home and returned his call, he had accepted another offer. It would have been the best deal I had ever done… the next day I went into the office, told my boss the story, and he said I would be crazy if I didn’t quit.

The moral of the story is that it’s hard to successfully invest in real estate while working a full-time job. I founded Aligned Real Estate Partners with the goal of assisting busy professionals who want to invest in real estate but are constricted by the demands of their full-time job or business – these individuals do not need to miss out on the benefits of investing in real estate.”

Axel is an active real estate investor and is based in Boston, MA. He purchased his first multifamily property during his sophomore year in college, leading to the founding of his real estate investment firm, Aligned Real Estate Partners. Currently, Aligned Real Estate Partners owns $25M in multifamily real estate and has been a principal party in $35M+ worth of transactions.

Axel is also the host of The Multifamily Wealth Podcast, which is one of the most highly rated multifamily real estate podcasts in the industry.

Why Multifamily

The many advantages to owning multifamily real estate such as huge tax savings, stable cashflow, increased leverage, and controlled management, are what attracted us to multifamily.

When you invest with us, you get access to all of these benefits completely passively. We handle all of the property management so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy passive income.